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NEW! Wheeled feeding robot

We are introducing the T15 wheeled robot as a complement to our automatic feeding programme.This means we now have eight solutions for automatic feeding that allows the farmer to choose a system that best...
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Live demo T30 automatic feeding system

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Introduction of new product at EuroTier 2014

New chapter in feeding technology During the EuroTier, which takes place from 11-14 November 2014, Trioliet of course presents its novelties again. One of these new products will be unveiled on the first...
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New: Solomix P ZKX

For dairy farmers who need a mixer feeder with a large capacity and who want to spread a large amount of straw, Trioliet has included the Solomix P ZKX in its range of products. An X-range (heavy duty) mixer...
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Trioliet's premises growing to 51,000 m2

Saturday 27 September was the day Trioliet's new building project was officially given the green light. A new logistics centre and assembly area will see company premises expand to more than 51,000 m2 in the...
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Norwell Dairy is Trioliet Automation Dealer for Ontario

Oldenzaal, The Netherlands: Trioliet B.V. the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical TMR mixers has just entered into a Dealer Agreement with Norwell Dairy of Drayton Ontario, Canada. With this agreement,...
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