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New Trioliet distribution center North America

New distribution center

Mark Kroese, export manager

Trioliet recently started with the construction of a complete new distribution center for the North American market. The new distribution center will replace the current warehouse that is situated at the same premises in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The new distribution center will store mixer feeder wagons, feeding robots and spare parts for mainly the North American market and will cover about 18,000 ft2 on 10 acres of land. 

Trioliet, a Dutch manufacturer of premium feeding technology needs more storage space because of the expansion of business activities in North America. Mark Kroese, export manager: “The North American market is getting more and more important and every year we export more machines to North America. Beside our mixer feeder wagons we also offer self-propelled mixer feeders, robotic feeding systems and stationary mixer feeders to the North American market. In the new warehouse, both parts handling and machine handling will be optimized. We need more space to store machines and spare parts to be able to serve our dealers in a better way.” The mixer feeders are being assembled at the factory in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands.  Trioliet exports over 80% of its machines to more than 50 countries worldwide. Today there are tens of thousands of professional Trioliet users all over the world.

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