Cees Liet, one of the three founders of Trioliet, has passed away

Cees Liet, 6 mei 1936 – 2 december 2017

Cees Liet, one of the three founders of Trioliet, passed away last Saturday at the age of 81 in his home town of Losser (The Netherlands). The entrepreneur had been ill for some time, and passed away on Saturday at his home in the presence of his family. 

Along with his brothers Fred and Max, Cees Liet founded Trioliet, a manufacturer of feeding systems for the (cattle) farming industry. He was the epitome of an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, and was responsible for developing the revolutionary silage cutter which is now used on many cattle farms. Until recently, Cees Liet continued to work as a mechanical engineer at his own engineering firm, Liet Specials Engineering, and had a background role at Trioliet, which is now managed by his sons Robert and Kees. 

Cees Liet passed away on Saturday 2 December.