China International Dairy Exhibition

China International Dairy Exhibition 2016 was held at Qingdao International Exhibition Center on June 2nd. Thousands of representatives, more than 400 exhibitors from home and abroad participated the exhibition. With ten thousands of visitors it was really an exceptionally grand occasion.

Our product manager Bart Koekkoek and our Trioliet Beijing staff were present at this exhibition. Different from exhibitions in the past, we did not show many machines this time. We only displayed one Solomix 1 1000 ZK and one small model of Solomix 2 1600 ZK. In our booth we had more hospitality space than previous years which was good for the contact with our visitors and dealers. The dealers received their customers in our stand and made them familiar with our products.

The Dutch embassy in China and the Dutch dairy cooperation center organized a seminar on June 3rd. Our product manager Bart Koekkoek and our dealer Mr. Edward Zhang held a speech with the subject "To increase the Feed Efficiency is the key to control the raw milk cost". Edward Zhang showed many examples to explain the feed efficiency in a humorous way. The audiences was enthusiastic about the presentation.

Our team thanked dealers and customers for their support and invited them for a teambuilding event in the evening. We had a conversation with the dealers and customers and they offered us professional advice for the present situation and future development of Trioliet in China. We are full of confidence and we hope to explore more solutions that benefits everyone.

Together with efforts of the dealers and the Trioliet China team this exhibition was a great success. With thanks to everybody that contributed.