New: Solomix 3 New Edition mixer feeders for large livestock farms

At Eurotier 2018 Trioliet will present the Solomix 3 New Edition with a capacity of 27, 30 and 34m3. The Solomix 3 New Edition serie is an addition to the current series of Trioliet 3-auger mixer feeders. With this new series of mixer feeders, Trioliet focuses on the larger European cattle farms from approx. 180 cows. Trioliet has many years of experience with large 3-auger mixer feeders, especially in North America where livestock farmers put very high demands on the quality and performance of their mixer feeder. Because there is an increasing demand for mixer feeders with a large capacity in Europe, Trioliet developed this new range of 3 auger mixers.

US dairy farmers sometimes feed up to 12 hours per day intensively with a mixer feeder. In Europe there is (hardly) no need for this intensive use. The current 3-auger X-range machines are often too big, too high and too heavily built for European conditions.

In Europe more and more large dairy farms with more than 180 cows who prefer to feed the entire herd with 1 or 2 mixtures per day because of limited labour. In order to meet the demands of these farms, Trioliet has extended their program 3-auger mixers with 3 different models. The Solomix 3 New Edition serie is a low profile machine, for low barns. There is a large variety of discharge options; side doors, conveyor belt at front or (adjustable) chain conveyor at front.

With these new Solomix 3 range it is possible to feed a large amount of cows with a relatively small tractor (140 - 160 HP). This means fuel cost savings. The mixer feeders are standard supplied with a reduction gearbox with cooling system. The width of the mixer wagon meets the requirements for road transport in Europe. 

- Low profile machine:
   * Easy to load with relatively small loader
   * Ideal for large companies with one or more low stables
- Dual flow mixing principle: due to the special shape of the mixing tub in combination with the
   patented inserts, the feed is mixed both vertically and horizontally resulting in faster mixing with less
- Fuel savings due to low power requirements; required tractor power from 140 HP.
- Standard 22 mm Long Life augers for long life;
- 1000 RPM drive line; a proven reliable heavy-duty powertrain;
- Meets the requirements for european road transport.

EUROTIER 2018 : Hall 27 Stand E25