Solomix 2 VLL New Edition; improved mixer feeder

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Solomix 2 VLL-B

Solomix 2 VLL-B

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The Solomix 2 diet feeder from Trioliet has been a huge help for dairy farmers for many years. However, the features in the improved Solomix 2 VLL 'New Edition' even better meet farmers' needs. Last year we introduced the New Edition version with 12 to 20 m3 capacity. From now the mixer feeder is also available with 24 and 28 m3 capacity. With these large diet feeders we have completed the Solomix VLL New Edition range.

Perfectly mixed feed
The Solomix 2 2800 VLL mixer feeder is equipped with two ‘Long Life’ augers made of 22 mm thick steel (optional for 1200 to 2400 models). That ensures a long lifespan of the augers as well as the mixer feeder in general. In addition, the mixing tub is redesigned so that the feed is mixed according to the "Dual Flow" principle; both horizontally and vertically. Therefore the mix quality is superior. Together with the sharp Trioform auger knives (max. 10 per auger) the different feed components are mixed and cut extremely well. Every cow gets a perfect mixed ration, every time the red mixer wagon drives by.

Fast and even discharge
The machine has a deep and narrow mixing tub where the wheels are placed next to the tub. Together with the fact that the wheels are fitted in the middle of the tub, the machine is extremely manoeuvrable. The mixer wagon is relatively low and suitable for low and small stables. Due to the mixing tub’s optimal design and the extra wide discharge unit plus large discharge door with round edges, the mixer feeder wagon discharges quickly and the machine requires little power. The mixer feeder has a 1 metre wide discharge unit to ensure the feed is quickly fed into the feeding alley. Even long fibre feed can be distributed very quickly without wasting too much time. The consistently mixed feed is discharged evenly all the way to the end. An ideal mixer wagon for feeding (round) bales and structure-rich feed components.

Compact yet outstanding performance 
The VLL range has now been completed with the addition of the 2400 and 2800 models. The mixer feeder wagon is available with 12 up to 28 m3 capacity with the possibility of a conveyor belt (VLL-B), a chain conveyor (VLL-K), a curved chain conveyor (VLL-C) or an adjustable chain conveyor (VLL-S), ideal for feeding in feeding troughs. For both large and small livestock farms this is an appropriate, compactly constructed, diet feeder. Its specific characteristics and high quality make the mixer feeder wagon unique, efficient and very easy to work with.


- Best mix quality thanks to the improved shape of the mixing tub. The specially designed mixing   chamber pushes the feed both vertically and horizontally, and this dual-flow principle results in the perfectly mixed ration. 

- Little power requirement due to compact mixing tub in combination with narrow augers

- Quick and even discharge because of large discharge door with rounded edges

- Wide discharge unit with conveyor chain, curved/elevator chain or belt for discharge from both sides,   right and left (VLL-S right or left)

- Ideal mixer wagon for feeding (round) bales and structure-rich feed components

- Easy manoeuvrable due to the central position of the axle

- 2 reversible restrictor blades

- New ladder with platform and windows, adjustable arm for weighing indicator, guidance of hydraulic     hoses with storage option

- Wear ring 

- 2 windows in discharge unit for optimum view

- Available with 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 and 28 m3 capacity


Overview of the mixer feeder wagons