The most energy-efficient powder coating system in the world can be found at Trioliet

Annemieke Traag (representative of the Province of Overijssel), Kees Liet (process manager Trioliet) and Frank Roering (head of procurement for Trioliet) give the go-ahead for the opening.

Robert Liet (managing director of Trioliet), Richard Gerrits (assisting foreman in the powder coating department of Trioliet), Annemieke Traag (representative of the Province of Overijssel), Frank Roering (head of Trioliet purchasing), Kees Liet (process manager of Trioliet) and Eric Boomkamp (foreman of Trioliet).

The guests were able to take a close look

Trioliet is the proud owner of a new powder coating installation. This is not just any powder coating system – it is unique. This is the first energy-efficient dual-coat powder coating installation in the world. Trioliet developed a new dual-coat powder coating method in collaboration with Gema Switserland GmbH, the installation's Swiss supplier, and AkzoNobel Powder Coatings. The new method doubles production capacity while using only 50% of the energy required by equivalent installations. This is a global first. The installation was officially opened on Thursday 18 April by Annemieke Traag, representative of the province of Overijssel (Energy, sustainability and environment), Kees Liet (Trioliet process manager) and Frank Roering (head of Trioliet purchasing).

Cattle feeding technology manufacturer Trioliet already had its own single-coat powder coating installation. However, certain machine parts explicitly require two coats: a primer and a top coat. While these parts were previously outsourced, the new installation at the Oldenzaal plant means that Trioliet can now apply the second coat on site.

Faster processing with less energy
What makes the new powder coating line so special is the fact that it has only one curing oven instead of the usual two. A new, specially developed coating allows the second coat to be applied directly after the first, without the need to heat the parts in the intervening period. That eliminates both an oven and a cleaning cycle, saving an estimated 75,000 m3 of natural gas per year. Moreover, the new installation has two automatic spray booths, thereby doubling the previous capacity. In other words, faster processing is now possible with less energy.

Further improvements in production process sustainability
The powder coating installation is equipped with a heat recovery system, which means the heat released by the oven at the end of the powder coating process returns to the cleaning installation at the beginning of the cycle. This ensures that no energy is wasted. Furthermore, the blasting and spray booths make use of the solar power generated by 4,400 solar panels mounted on the roof of the production facilities. This allows Trioliet to keep improving the sustainability of its production process.

A pioneering mindset
Sustainable cattle farming isn't limited to the farmyard – it goes much further than that. Trioliet is known for its innovations. The firm invented the silage cutter, for instance, a key feeding system used by many dairy farming operations. Trioliet has filed many patents under its name, too. This global first is another clear example of that pioneering mindset. It shows that Trioliet is working towards sustainability, both when it comes to the feeding technologies it produces for its customers and at the front end of the production process.