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Trioliet Silage Cutter rated best in test

Trioliet's Turbobuster TU silage cutter received the top score in the Boerderij silage cutter test*. This extensive test showed that preventing spontaneous heating is all about the details and the cutting speed.


Very dense silage block

The fact that Trioliet scored so well is not surprising, really. After all, Trioliet invented the U-block cutter, which made it possible to slice out a block of silage or maize in a single cut. This U-block cutter is the forerunner of the silage cutter we use today. The machine's great advantage is its ability to produce very dense silage blocks and a tight, dense silage wall, thereby minimising the risk of spontaneous heating.

Compared to BVL and Strautmann

The Boerderij test compared Trioliet, BVL and Strautmann silage cutters. The test covered the cleanness of the cut, block stability, speed, spontaneous heating, ease of use, construction and finish. These are the results:

  • Trioliet's Turbobuster cuts twice as fast as its competitors
  • The Trioliet Turbobuster produces the tightest silage wall, including at the sides
  • The Trioliet Turbobuster is very easy to use
  • The Trioliet Turbobuster is highly moisture-resistant thanks to the powder-coated parts

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*   Boerderij silage cutter test, 105, no. 44 (28 July 2020)