Feed mixers Spring Deal

Are you looking for a feed mixer with sufficient capacity to provide your cattle with a balanced ration every day? Then it's important that the machine does what it's supposed to do: mix well. Thanks to the innovative design of the mixing tub in the Trioliet mixers, the feed is mixed both vertically and horizontally. This ‘Dual Flow’ principle results in a homogeneous mix, preventing the cows from being able to select only the tastiest feed.

Trioliet has the most extensive range of feed mixers, feeding robots, self-propelled feed mixers and stationary mixers. Our trailed feed mixers come in various shapes and sizes. 

We also pay attention to a proper silage extraction. While a lot of time and attention is devoted to making good silage, less focus is placed on ensuring quality when the silage is extracted. This costs farmers a great deal of money despite being simple to avoid – that is, providing the right silage extraction technology is used. The unique Trioliet cutting system minimises the degree to which the silage pit heats up.

Take a look at our feeding systems and take advantage of our Spring Deal offer!

Buy a Trioliet TMR mixer before July 31st 2021 and Trioliet offers a 0% interest for the first twelve months through FCC Equipment Financing, conditions apply*. This offer is valid for all Trioliet machines, including self-propelled and stationary mixers**. 

Please ask your local dealer or regional Trioliet Sales Manager for more information . 

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* This Spring Deal is restricted to Canada only. 

** Triomatic robotic systems are excluded from this offer.