Premium feeding technology: feed mixers and (automatic) feeding systems for dairy farmers

Trioliet is a total supplier of premium feeding technology. Every day, thousands of cows all over the world are fed with our machines. Over more than 70 years, our family business has grown into a global player. We view it as our duty to provide optimal, sustainable solutions for the mechanised and automated feeding of cattle on professional farms across the world.  

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Much less residual feed

  • Company: Farm Deiman-Ottens
  • Number of cows: 530, of which 250 dairy cows (including 30 dry cows), 180 young stock and 100 bulls.
  • Number of feedings a day: 34, divided over the different groups: 20 for the dairy cows, 4 for the dry cows (two groups), 7 for the young stock (four groups) and 3 for…
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These are the best positions to place knives in your mixer wagon

The knife positions on the auger are important for a well-mixed ration. The position requirements for assembled auger knives depend on the ration and the TMR mixer model. Use one or more long knives if the ration consists of long materials such as grass from a loader wagon or round bales. 


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From silage block cutters and feed mixers to full automatic feeding systems for cattle!