Self-propelled mixer wagons

Here you will find an overview of our self-propelled feed mixers. These self-propelled feed mixers are available in various sizes and with various discharge options, so you will always find the feed mixer that suits your farm. The Triotrac self-propelled feed mixers are different from other self-propelled feed mixers because they have a unique cutting and loading system that leaves behind a smooth, very dense silage face and therefore considerably reduces the risk of any secondary heating. Also take a look at the other products, call us on +31 541 572 121 or get in touch using the contact form.


Explanation of abbreviations

  • VL = Front discharge
  • H = High discharge unit
  • L = Low discharge unit
  • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
  • K = Conveyor chain
  • C = Curved conveyor chain
  • ZK = Side discharge doors
  • X = Heavy Duty

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