Stationary feed mixer for silage

The advantage of stationary feed mixers is that they are powered by electricity, enabling you to save fuel costs. In large farms where the feeding stations are spread over a large area, it can be advantageous to mix the feed in a central location and then to discharge it using a delivery truck. A stationary feed mixer can also be a great solution on small farms, e.g. if you want to dispense feed using a conveyor belt system or if there is no room on the feeding passage for a mixer wagon. We offer stationary feed mixers from 7 to 52 m³. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch by calling +31 541 572 121 or by using the contact form.

USP's Trioliet mixers

Explanation of abbreviations

  • VL = Front discharge
  • H = High discharge unit
  • L = Low discharge unit
  • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
  • K = Conveyor chain
  • C = Curved conveyor chain
  • ZK = Side discharge doors
  • X = Heavy Duty

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