Trioliet stands for sustainable innovation

We aim to manufacture feeding machines and systems that contribute to healthy, comfortable (working) conditions for our customers, employees and environment.

Our policy strives towards continuous development and optimisation (Profit), respect for others (People) and a healthy environment now and in the future (Planet).

Sustainability is of great importance for the future and we are happy to contribute to it.


Trioliet stands for

...innovative, sustainable feeding machines and systems   
Trioliet is a leading player in the global market of innovative, sustainable feeding technology. Part of our revenue comes from an extensive portfolio of energy-saving, environmentally friendly technologies. We have patented a large number of inventions that make our machines more user-friendly, safe, sustainable and economical. A good example of this is our self-loading mixer, which allows just one person with one tractor and one machine to load, mix and dispense the feed. Our unique cutting and loading system comes with a cutting or shear blade and prevents overheating and loss of feed. This does not just improve efficiency for our customers; it also saves time and money. These patents help create technology to benefit people and the environment.

...clear objectives
Part of our mission is to design and make our machines as efficient, innovative, safe and environmentally friendly as possible. We try to do this by using the newest technologies in all areas. The sustainability of our machines and systems (Planet) is tested very thoroughly, and we try to restrict fuel costs to a minimum (Profit). Another important aspect is the good management and development of our employees (People). In addition to a healthy, safe working environment, we feel it is important that our employees are able to develop on a personal and professional level. Training is therefore a priority for us. However, Trioliet's social responsibility is not limited to its own employees. It goes deeper into the chain to include our trade partners, our environment, our potential employees and other people showing an interest in our company. By fully automating the feeding process, we offer customers the opportunity to develop their social lives and leisure activities. This offers the next generations of dairy cattle farmers the opportunity to develop their companies further based on a healthy balance between work and personal life.

...good business ethics
We do business with our trade partners in a transparent way. We are interested in long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers and are continuously looking for opportunities to form alliances. If possible, we involve our suppliers in our innovations to develop new products, preferably by means of long-term contracts. We feel that doing business is all about trust and co-creation and that the ultimate goal is mutual reinforcement. When appropriate, we support our suppliers in the optimisation of their production process. We prefer to work with proactive suppliers who share our commitment to achieving the above objectives. human resources management
We consider our employees and their personal development as the foundation of our social policy. This policy focuses on openness, transparency and trust. The success of Trioliet's people management is illustrated by our low absence rate. Recruitment, development and retention of well-qualified people are important to us. We try to achieve this through education and training, safety at work and corporate responsibility. Every year we offer our employees the opportunity to take a course to improve in their field. If necessary, the physical stress at the workstations is also tested. We also work together with reintegration agencies and local councils to offer temporary work to people who are finding it difficult to enter the workforce, so that they can gain experience.

 ...customer-oriented and innovative
We focus on the customer's needs, wishes and queries. These are important conditions to sustain our company in the long term. A good example of this is our (patented) on-load tap changer reduction gearbox, which saves significant amounts of fuel.
We continuously work to improve our quality and service. The trust our customers place in us is the principal reason for our existence. We therefore attach a great deal of importance to being reliable, offering certainties and meeting our commitments. An important part of this service is the fast, reliable delivery of parts. In cooperation with our dealers and warehouses in most countries in Europe, North America, Russia, China and South America, we strive towards optimal service for parts. Our products often have a long life span, which means that we also have long-term commitments to our customers. That is the foundation of our company. Now and in the future. Obviously our machines need to meet the current safety standards for animals and humans.

The world is also changing in many areas. This means that the expectations of our customers also keep changing. We want to respond to this by continuously improving our services, making our communication more transparent and providing honest and clear information about our products. We want to be accessible and offer quick solutions, and above all we want to listen to our customers. Customer satisfaction surveys are essential in this respect. We also pursue a clear quality policy.

...distinction in sustainability
Trioliet is a family company that has been operating since 1950. The core values of our company are tradition, vitality, innovation and enterprise.
Profitability is a necessary condition for continuity. Profit enables us to continue to invest in (new) people, training courses, better products, working conditions, cleaner production methods, energy-efficient equipment and countless other sustainable measures. Such investments have meant that our machines require little maintenance and therefore save costs. Our (patented) auger blades also have a high cutting capacity. They are shaped so that the blades are mounted in an optimal, horizontal position with respect to the sloped auger section. This ensures the best possible cutting performance with a minimum of power and therefore saves fuel. environmentally aware policy
We strive to further reduce the use of environmentally harmful products by replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives. The primary requirement here is that our alternative must have at least the same quality as the traditional product, although we always aim to improve quality. This ensures that the feed is always mixed and composed in the best possible way, so that the cattle ingest the right amounts of all the nutrients. For the cattle this leads to better digestion of the feed, which increases milk production and reduces manure production. It also improves the health of the livestock. Accurate and efficient feeding additionally reduces costs and benefits the environment and animal welfare.
Using an automatic feeding system enhances animal welfare and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. With better feed utilisation, the same amount of milk or even more can be produced with fewer cows and less use of fossil fuels. This creates a better balance in the entire dairy production cycle.
Recycled products are used where possible, such as in the silos of our automatic feeding system.
In addition to feeding machines, Trioliet manufactures machines to generate biogas. These stationary mixers are an essential part of the biogas installation. Energy-rich sustainable crops and food industry waste from the stationary mixers are added to the digester in combination with manure to produce biogas. This alternative energy generation method is both sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Such installations also offer a solution for processing manure and utilising waste in a less environmentally damaging way. 

...animal welfare
The animals are central to the design of our machines. We avoid sharp edges on machines that could cause injuries in the animals. We also use magnetic separators to prevent any metal parts from ending up in the feed as much as possible. The animals are fed as comfortably as possible with well-mixed rations dispensed in an airy mass. Automation allows more frequent feeding in very accurately weighed and dispensed quantities. These processes are optimised with links to intelligent software to improve the comfort and welfare of the animals. recognition
Trioliet is known all over the world thanks to its unique position as an all-round provider of feeding machines for cattle farms. More than 85% of our machines are exported to over 50 countries. All machines focus on the efficient management of modern livestock farms. Strict compliance with all international legislation and regulations is a matter of course.

Trioliet is involved in the community where it conducts its business. Good communication is essential in this respect. Trioliet tries to keep everyone well informed at all times by consulting with its employees, works council and stakeholders. Employees are informed of the most recent state of affairs in frequent information meetings that are held to increase our employees' involvement and their awareness of Trioliet's customer focus. We are also active in schools to encourage young people to choose a technical or agricultural education, and we offer work/study programmes, internships and graduate placements to narrow the gap between education and industry as much as possible. Our job events show how attractive and challenging technology and technical jobs can be in an agricultural environment. We provide tours for customers or other interested parties in our industry and/or our surroundings almost daily, to show that technology and agriculture have a bright future.