Triotronic 7600T weighing computer

    The Triotronic 7600T is a weighing indicator in the Trioliet range. The T stands for 'Touchscreen'. The touchscreen can be used to browse easily through the feed data and to switch quickly between components, rations, and animal groups. The large colour display provides a perfect display of weight and ration information. Changes to the ration can be implemented quickly and easily from the tractor.



    Standard features

    • Programmable weighing computer with large 7" colour touchscreen
    • Clear colour display for a perfect display of weight and ration information
    • Choice of manual programming or programming using the TFM Tracker
    • Manual programming: easy entry and changing of ingredients, rations and animal groups
    • Programming using TFM Tracker/TFM Easyload: easy programming and easy data transfer to indicator. Data can be changed on the indicator
    • Can be placed in the tractor cabin for convenient control

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