Solomix 2 Feed mixers

The Solomix 2 New Edition with two vertical augers is the most popular feed mixer in our range. It is available in various configurations and varies in size from 10 to 36 m3. Thanks to a number of smart adaptations in the design, the feed is mixed faster and better than in comparable mixer wagons. The unique auger knives reduce the feed in size so that a perfectly homogeneous mix is created. In addition, discharging is smooth and even thanks to the large discharge doors, the wide discharge units and the unique double auger wings on the augers. In short, this is a great performing compact feed mixer. For more information please contact us by e-mail, contact form or telephpone +31 541-57 21 21. Click here to learn about all the unique Solomix mixer feeder features.

USP's Trioliet mixers

Explanation of abbreviations

  • VL = Front discharge
  • H = High discharge unit
  • L = Low discharge unit
  • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
  • K = Conveyor chain
  • C = Curved conveyor chain
  • ZK = Side discharge doors
  • X = Heavy Duty

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