Shifttronic automatic reduction gearbox

    To prevent start-up problems with the larger feed mixers, Trioliet has developed a patented 2-stage and 3-stage powershift transmission that makes it possible to go up a gear automatically in a number of stages, even when loaded. This prevents overloading in the drive line of the feed mixer and of the power takeoff shaft of the tractor, and saves time and fuel. "I am saving 25% on fuel and have one hour less work each day thanks to the Shifttronic. It is an investment that pays for itself," Hans Luijerink, the owner of 3200 rose veal calves, says.


    Read the testimonial:
    25% less diesel consumption with Shifttronic



    Standard features

    • 2 or 3 speed reduction gearbox
    • Patented technology
    • Prevents overload
    • Changes gear automatically

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