Cab Control CC 400 View

    For the weight to be read remotely, three new wireless Cab Controls have been added to the range. The CC400 View is a Cab Control indicator in the cabin of the loading vehicle. Using the CC400 View you can reset the weighing system and switch between the different feed components. Both the CC300 App and the CC400 View have a counting function that shows the weight of each ingredient together with the total weight of the load.



    Standard features

    • Cab Control indicator with operation from the loading vehicle cabin
    • Validate the weighing system and switch between net/gross and total weight (sum function)
    • Robust waterproof and dustproof housing
    • Wireless communication within a 90 m radius by 2.4 GHz radio signal
    • Clear, well-lit LCD screen with large text
    • More switching between components in case of a programmable weighing device 

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