Manufacturer of premium livestock feeding equipment

Trioliet is a leading family-owned company that specialises in the development, production and marketing of feeding machines and systems for livestock farms. Trioliet is the market leader in the Netherlands, thanks to more than 70 years of experience in the field of feeding technology. 

More than 350 people work for Trioliet around the globe. We employ around 260 people at our headquarters in Oldenzaal (eastern Netherlands) and another 90 at our manufacturing site in Poland. We also maintain a global dealer network in countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, the United States, Canada, China and Argentina. In countries without active Trioliet dealers, our products are sold by importers. Find out where to acquire Trioliet products in your region.


Trioliet is a genuine family-owned company. Brothers Max, Fred and Cees (trio) Liet founded their company in Purmerend in 1950 and named it Trioliet. Following the acquisition of Mullos, the trading name of the company was changed to Trioliet Mullos. In 2007, the position of Director was assumed by Robert Liet, the son of one of the founders.

Trioliet worldwide

To be able to guarantee good service and prompt parts deliveries worldwide, we maintain a parts centre in Wisconsin in the US and a warehouse in Beijing, China. From these locations, we can meet our Asian and North American dealers' needs in no time. This enables us to be close to our customers at all times, anywhere in the world. The warehouse in China stocks both mixer feeders and spare parts, allowing us to quickly replenish our dealers' stocks. This location employs three people to handle sales, service and inbound and outbound goods (logistics).

Parts centre in North America

We also have our own parts centre in the United States. Expansion led to the construction of an entirely new parts centre just outside Mineral Point, Wisconsin, in 2018. The inventory includes over 5,400 items. This location's three employees supply our North American dealers with the parts they need each day and assists them in resolving service issues.

Trioliet Polska

In March 2020, Trioliet took over a factory in Opalenica from Polish supplier Ursus. The acquisition involved several production halls with a total surface area of around 15,000 m2 on a lot measuring over seven hectares, the production machinery and the entire workforce (around 90 employees). The company will operate as Trioliet Polska from now on.

Helping the modern livestock farmer manage a farm efficiently

Trioliet is unique as a complete provider of premium feeding technology for dairy farms. All of our machines are geared toward helping the modern livestock farmer manage a farm efficiently. Designing new solutions and developing existing technologies are our highest priorities. We are confident that we can provide a suitable mechanical or automated feeding solution for 80% of all beef and dairy farms worldwide.

Export to more than 50 countries

Trioliet exports well over 85% of its machines to more than 50 countries worldwide. Machines for silagecutting, loading, mixing and feeding. Today there are tens of thousands of professional Trioliet users all over the world who enjoy the ease and reliability of their Trioliet machine day after day.