Truckmount feed mixing tub mounted on truck

    The Truckmount is a mixing tub mounted on a truck chassis. The mixer wagon has two vertical augers and hydrostatic drive. This extraordinary feed mixer is available in two discharge types: with a side discharge door or a cross conveyor chain. The machine is available in 20 to 32 m3 capacities.


    Capacity 20-32 m³
    Discharge type Front - and rear left side discharge doors
    Model Self-propeller

    Choice of discharging units

      Explanation of abbreviations

      • VL = Front discharge
      • H = High discharge unit
      • L = Low discharge unit
      • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
      • K = Conveyor chain
      • C = Curved conveyor chain
      • ZK = Side discharge doors
      • X = Heavy Duty




      Standard features

      • Mixing tub with subframe and driveshaft for the augers  
      • Two planetary driven vertical augers (22 mm flighting / 25 mm wings) with short Trioform auger knives
      • Two side discharge doors on LHS. Other door positoins on request (ZK)
      • High discharge doors with rounded edges for an even and rapid discharge (ZK)
      • Flexible and spacious side door covers (ZK)
      • 2,30 m Wide chain conveyor with Heavy Duty chain with side-shift and flow regulation (discharge on LHS) 
      • Two manual operated restrictor blades for models 2000L and 2400L, four restrictor blades for the 3200 
      • Wear ring
      • Horizontal flow system by patented off-set inserts
      • 1,5 m wide premix door in the back without activation kit for the 3200 ZKX 
      • Heavy Duty pump mounted to the front bumper or behind the cabin (REPTO) 
      • Support frame 
      • Hydrostatic motor with reduction gear box for auger drive 
      • Oil reservoirs with filters for the hydraulic oil and for the oil of the planetary gearboxes 
      • Integrated cooling system for planetary gearboxes and the hydrostatic drive 
      • 2-Speed auger drive
      • Hydraulic hoses for all hydraulic functions including the hydrostatic drive  
      • In cab controlled electric valve bank with 5 functions for the discharge door and options

      Technical specifications

      Truckmount 2000L 2400L 3200
      Discharge Two side discharge doors on left (front and rear)
      Capacity m3 20 24 32
      Length m 6,76 6,83 7,12
      Width m 2,54 2,67 2,90
      Overall height m (based on chassis height of 1,17m) 3,15* 3,57 3,80
      Height of tub m 1,70 2,01 2,24
      Net weight kg  6.300 7.450 8.920
      Max. technical load kg 7.950 12.000 12.500
      Tractor power requirement HP (kW) 175 (129) 205 (150) 252 (185)


      Truckmount 2400L VLX-K 3200L VLX-K
      Discharge Cross conveyor chain at front
      Capacity m3 24 32
      Length m 7,21 7,72
      Width m 2,67 2,80
      Overall height m (based on chassis height of 1,17m) 3,57 3,80
      Height of tub m 2,01 2,24
      Net weight kg  7.440 8.900
      Max. technical load kg 12.000 12.500
      Tractor power requirement HP (kW) 205 (150) 252 (185)