Masterbuster / -kam self-loading feeder

    The Masterbuster is a self-loading silage feeder with an L-shaped cutting system or grab. Like the Silobuster, the Masterbuster is a compact machine that can be manoeuvred with ease, leaving a smooth silage face after cutting. The Masterbuster differs from the Silobuster in that it features a parallel loading arm for added stability. The Masterbuster has a volume of 2.6 m3 and is available in two different designs, one which offers right-hand discharge and one which is capable of discharging to both sides.


    Capacity 2,60 m³



    Standard features

    • Double loading arm
    • Handle valves with adjustble console
    • Fully protected side-doors
    • Side-protection roller 

    Technical specifications

    Masterbuster / -Kam Masterbuster R Masterbuster RL Masterkam R Masterkam RL
    Capacity m3 2,60 2,60 2,60 2,60
    Length m 1,95 1,95 1,95 1,95
    Width m 2,20 2,38 2,20 2,38
    Height m 1,62 1,62 1,62 1,62
    Net weight kg 1.090 1.140 1.030 1.090
    Silage cutting height (max.) *m 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00
    Width of cutting system (max) m 0,50 0,50 0,60 0,60

    * In raised position

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