Triotronic 2810V weighing indicator

    The Triotronic electronic weighing system shows exactly how much feed has been loaded. With three independent weighing bars, this system ensures high precision and that you always have control of your ration. The weighing system can be controlled from the tractor cabin in combination with the CabControl display and control panel. The 3600V series furthermore allows users to pre-programme multiple rations. The Triotronic works on a 12V supply.



    Standard features

    • Back-lit LCD display for a clear display, even in bright sunlight
    • Equipped with serial connection port (SER) as standard for connecting external transmitters
    • Robust waterproof and dustproof housing
    • Equipped with Bluetooth module as standard, allowing a wireless connection of the weighing indicator with the free Trioliet Feed App for smartphones (IOS & Android)
    • When used without the Trioliet Feed App:  
    • Not programmable, but there is a preset function for one-time entry of the target weight
    • Timer function for one-time entry of post-mixing time
    • Sum function, display of weight per ingredient whilst maintaining total weight

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