TFM Dairy Tracker feed management system for dairy farms

    As a modern dairy farmer, you need insight into your feed costs. TFM Tracker™ is a feed management system that allows you to keep track of exactly what you want to feed your cattle, how much has been loaded and what has actually been fed. Program feed components and rations for different cow groups. Send the data from the computer to the weighing indicator on the feed mixer wirelessly or with a USB stick and instantly see how much feed has been loaded and used compared to the planned ration. You can make adjustments if necessary in order to reduce the amount of residual feed and reduce the feed costs. The Dairy TFM Tracker is suitable for dairy farming. It is possible to compare the milk yields in kg versus the feed ingredients in kg by group or by cow. A valuable management tool for the professional dairy farmer. Different TFM Tracker™ versions are available: Basic, Lite, Pro and Pro+.

    A Beef version for beef cattle and a feed management program for contractors is also available.

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    Standard features

    • Easy to use
    • Registration of dry solids uptake
    • Data backup
    • Clear reports
    • Historic comparisons  
    • Logging of feed costs
    • Easy to upgrade
    • Data transfer to and from indicator


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