A First Step into Feed Management

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TFM Tracker™ (Trioliet Feed Management) is a feed management system designed as a comprehensive solution for dairy farmers to manage the feeding process, boost efficiency and improve milk production. Trioliet now presents TFM Tracker™ Basic, the new entry level version of TFM Tracker™ Dairy. 

Insight into Dry Matter Uptake and Loading Accuracy 

TFM Tracker™ Basic is ideal for dairy farmers taking their first steps into feed management. It's a simple and clear system which allows you to enter feed components, rations and animal groups into the computer and subsequently use a USB stick to transfer the data to the mixer feeder wagon's weighing computer. Two reports show at a glance the actual amount of feed loaded and fed compared to the planned rations and the dry matter uptake per cow. This will allow you to adjust when necessary, without requiring a lot of computer knowhow.  

A Step Further

If you wish to obtain more functionalities in future, you can easily upgrade the TFM Tracker™ Basic to Lite, Pro or Pro+. Choose the package you need to meet the requirements of your business. Of course, the more extensive the package, the more possibilities it offers. For example, Lite and more comprehensive upgrades also provide insight into the exact feed costs. Pro+ goes another step further and can, for example, be linked with farm management programmes (such as DeLaval, Lely, GEA, etc.), so changes in cow groups need only be entered once and milk production is directly linked to the feed intake, making feed efficiency easy to discern.  

For Dairy Farmers, Beef Farmers and Feed Contractors

In addition to feed management systems for dairy farmers, Trioliet also provides feed management systems with additional functionalities focusing on beef farmers (TFM Beef Tracker™) and feed contractors (TFM Tracker™ Contractor).

Gain a better control of feed costs, reduce leftover feed and improve production with the Trioliet management tool: TFM Tracker™. After all: to measure is to know!

Features of TFM Tracker™ Dairy Basic Feed Management System
  • Data transfer via USB stick
  • Communicates with Triotronic 3610V and Triotronic 7600T weighing indicators
  • Windows-based software
  • Easily upgraded to Lite, Pro of Pro+
  • Two Clear reports:
  • Dry matter uptake per animal
  • Loading report (planned/actual load)
  • No annual licensing fees
  • Three months of help desk support on initial use

Overview of TFM Tracker™ Packages:


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