Solomix P1 Feed mixer with strawblower

    The renewed Solomix P is a two-in-one machine. Equipped with a straw blower, this mixer wagon not only enables you to feed your cattle a balanced ration, but also to spread their stall with straw, to provide them with the comfort they require. Its compact dimensions make the Solomix P1 easy to manoeuvre and use in stalls with narrow feeding alleys and a low height clearance. This advantage becomes even more apparent when a smaller tractor is used. The Solomix P can furthermore be equipped with an optional dust control system. By wetting the straw, this system ensures that fewer dust particles and microorganisms are floating around, which is not only more comfortable, but also more hygienic. The Solomix P1 has 1 mixing auger. Click here to learn about all the unique Solomix features. 


    Capacity 10-14 m³
    Discharge type Side discharge door
    Model Trailed
    Strawblower Yes

      Explanation of abbreviations

      • VL = Front discharge
      • H = High discharge unit
      • L = Low discharge unit
      • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
      • K = Conveyor chain
      • C = Curved conveyor chain
      • ZK = Side discharge doors
      • X = Heavy Duty




      Standard features

      • Mechanically driven (by V-belts) straw bedder at front 
      • Low blower pipe for spreading width up to 25 mm 
      • One Twin Stream auger (15 mm flighting / 18 mm wings) 
      • Constant velocity PTO shaft
      • Adjustable and reversible drawbar wih 40 mm drawbar eye (European standard) 
      • Two manual restrictor blades 
      • Right, left or dual discharge
      • Two side discharge doors with rounded edges for better discharge
      • Manual adjustable discharge chutes 
      • Flexible and spacious side door covers 
      • Electric operation 
      • Two wide single wheels 
      • Wear ring
      • With hydraulic brakes 
      • Trioform auger knives short 

      Technical specifications

      Type 1000 ZK 1200 ZK 1400 ZK
      Solomix P1 Two side discharge doors + strawblower
      Capacity m3 10 12 14
      Length m 5,00 5,05 5,32
      Width m 2,47 2,47 2,70
      Height m 2,78 2,97 3,02
      PTO RPM 540 540 540
      Tractor power requirement HP (kW) 71 (52) 75 (55) 82 (60)
      Tyre size (2 x) 400/45 L17.5 400/45 L17.5 400/45 L17.5

      * Alternative height dimensions are available on request. Ask your dealer about the available options. 

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