Triomatic T20 feed storage for automatic feeding systems

    The Triomatic T20 is a feed storage / feed kitchen that consists of one or more stationary feed mixers. The feed kitchen has a central control panel for managing the stationary feed mixer(s), concentrate silos and other dispensers. The Triomatic T20 is ideal for cattle farms that want to issue one basic ration, with the option of various added components for each feeding group, and for small-scale farms who want to feed their livestock a comprehensive ration for a small investment. The system can be combined with a battery-powered wheel-driven feeding robot, a mains-powered suspended feeding robot or a mains-powered wheel-driven feeding robot. Also read 'Get more out of forage with the automatic feeding system' in our blog posts


    Number of days in storage 1 day
    Discharge type Extension chain
    Type Feed kitchen with stationary feed mixing system
    Feeding Robot Can be combined with any type of Triomatic feeding robot



    Standard features

    • Feed kitchen that consists of one or more stationary feed mixers
    • Stationary feed mixers of different sizes available
    • Central control panel
    • 3.35 m extension chain
    • Stationary feed mixer driven by electric motors
    • 6-pole electric motors or 4/8-pole changing electric motors

    Technical specifications

    Triomatic T20 feed kitchen with stationary feed mixing system  T20
    Stationary feed mixer volume m3 7 - 52
    Number of augers in stationary feed mixer 1, 2 of 3
    Max. height under discharge chain m 2,65
    Required voltage V~ 400
    These specifications are subject to change.  

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