Triomatic T30 feed storage for automatic feeding system

    The Triomatic T30 feed storage unit / feed kitchen consists of one or more supply bunkers for bulk forage that must be loaded with a silage grab. The number of forage components determines the number of Triomatic supply bunkers. In addition, by-products and types of concentrate can be added to the Triomatic feeding robot from other hoppers or storage silos. The feeding robot collects the feed from each bunker separately. Thanks to its special design, incorporating a horizontal loading section and a wide loading width, the storage bunker can be easily loaded with a tractor with a front-end loader or Telehandler. The feed kitchen for automated cattle feeding has a hydraulic pump unit with a control panel. The system can be combined with a battery-powered wheel-driven feeding robot, a mains-powered suspended feeding robot or a mains-powered wheel-driven feeding robot. Also read 'Get more out of forage with the automatic feeding system' in our blog posts.


    Number of days in storage 1-3 days
    Discharge type Spreading roller with lid
    Type Feed storage with storage bunkers
    Feeding Robot Can be combined with any type of Triomatic feeding robot



    Standard features

    • Robust bunkers for storage of bulk forage components
    • Double spreading rollers with lid to prevent spillage
    • Bunkers discharge directly into the feeding robot
    • For forage with a limited stalk length (max. 15 cm), system does not cut
    • Double floor to prevent feed from spilling underneath the bunker
    • Flat and gradient bunker section for First In, First out system
    • Solid hydraulic drive
    • Corrosion-resistant metal floor and wall

    Technical specifications

    Triomatic T30 feed storage for automatic feeding system T30
    Max. number of feed bunkers 6
    Bunker volume m3 18
    Bunker length m 6,25
    Bunker width m 3,00
    Bunker height m 3,92
    Height of bunker's loading side from the floor m 1,42
    Height of loading side's side walls from the floor m 2,36
    Required clearance in the feed kitchen m 4
    Maximum payload kg 10.000
    These specifications are subject to change  

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